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Breezeway Screen, Inc. in Danville, OH has been supplying the trucking industry with quality products since 1988. Our team takes pride in having sold more than 500,000 screens since our establishment.

  • How We Started

    Walt Clavier, a trucker from North American Van Lines, decided he needed a screen so he could shut down his truck while he slept. Whether it was during the season of spring, summer, or fall, Walt wanted to feel warm and safe inside his vehicle. He also wanted to save more fuel and reduce engine wear.

    After developing a prototype of Breezeway #1, Walt started using it on his road trips. He got so many positive comments about the screens that he decided to sell the product.

  • Shipping Process

    Most of the time, we ship our products using FedEx within one working day.

  • Return Policy

    We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with what you’ve received, you can return the product. We will give you a refund for your purchase minus the original shipping costs.

  • Privacy Policy

    All your personal information is for our internal use only. We do not sell or give them away.

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